Going to the Pearl Islands?

Of course, the best way to get to the Pearl Islands is to SAIL with the Ocean Phoenix: embarking at Flamenco Marina and disembarking at the same place. The sailing trip last about 4 to 5 hours.

Sailing on board Ocean Phoenix 80′ to the Pearl Islands

You will sail in style aboard our luxurious 80-foot sailboat, departing from Flamenco Marina in Panama City to the Pearl Islands Archipelago. You will enjoy exquisite cuisine and top-notch service throughout the journey.

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Travel by Ferry to Las Perlas

Using the ferry service is the cheapest way to travel to the Pearl Islands. This trip takes 2 hours, leaving at 7:30am from the Flamenco marina in Amador to Isla Contadora, the meeting point with your sailboat.

This fast ferry returns at 3:30pm from the same Playa Cacique marina on Isla Contadora.

Private charter flights to Las Perlas

Private flights depart from Albrook Airport. These are the fastest way to get to Las Perlas.

In just 25 minutes we arrived from the city.

We recommend the private flight to those who do not have enough time to navigate the 4-hour route to the Las Perlas Archipelago.

We currently have a variety of aircraft, from small 2-passenger single-engines to powerful 8-passenger Kodiak jets. All duly certified to carry out private flights.