Time to appreciate the turquoise waters and white beaches fringed with coconut palms that create a Caribbean Sea atmosphere off the Pacific coast.

Visit of Isla Saboga and little Bartolomè in the first day to swim, practice snorkeling and paddle surf (lifejacket is mandatory for people who cannot swim).

Depending of charter duration, the following stops on the Las Perlas islands are Bolanos, Mogo Mogo, Pacheca, Gibraleon and other smaller islands according to the route to be followed and the night anchoring for overnight stays in bays sheltered from the currents to minimize the roll due to the wave motion of the Ocean.

Las Perlas is also known for migrating whales with their brood to the warm waters of the Eastern Pacific. During the season from July to October, it is very likely to see the whales swimming gently in the moderate waves and admire these beautiful mammals from the sailboat, at a safe distance in complete silence, without disturb them.

As there are no specific places for whale watching it is not guaranteed that they will be seen during charter but with a little luck and a good attitude everything is possible!

The excellent service on board with refined meals based on fresh fish, snacks and drinks served in the outdoor lounge to admire the sunset, offer unique moments after the days spent between water fun, fishing and other activities available for guests.

The sailboat is led by the owner, a very experienced captain capable of dealing with all the conditions that may occur during navigation.

Sharing limited spaces and sea life on board requires a good predisposition of the guests and practicality with water activities in general.

People who cannot swim or have limited body mobility must wear a life jacket at all times spent on the deck of the boat and
during activities to avoid serious accidents.